Fisher Center for Business Analytics Fellows & Investors

Fisher Center Corporate Investors

Fisher Center Corporate Fellows

David E. Smoley
CIO, AstraZeneca
2018 Fisher-Hopper CIO Lifetime Achievement Award

Ted Colbert
CIO, The Boeing Company
Excellence in Driving
Digital Transformation Award

Beena Ammanath
Global Vice President for Big data, Head of AI, & Innovation, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Woman of the Year in Business Analytics

Sabrina Menasria
Head of Business Intelligence
& Master Data governance, Chanel

Robert Hoyle Brown
Associate Vice President,
Cognizant Center for the Future of Work

Matteo Melani
Co-Founder & CEO,

Alexandre Robicquet
Co-Founder at Crossing Minds,
Research Scholar Stanford University

Fran├žois Lopitaux
Senior Director, Product Management,

Andreea Gorbatai
Assistant Professor,
Management of Organizations at UC Berkeley,
Haas Business School