The Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics responds to an escalating need for leaders and managers who can translate data into business insights and  who are literate consumers of data science techniques. It is designed for MBA students aspiring to leadership roles involving business decision making informed by data.

Built upon existing MBA courses, the Certificate in Business Analytics will introduce the tools, methods, and conceptual approaches used to support data analysis and decision making in particular business disciplines (e.g. marketing, accounting, operations). Taken together, the complete program of study will expose students to the challenges of working with data (e.g. asking a good question, inference and causality, decision making) as well as to the tools and techniques for data analysis and presentation (machine learning, data mining, visualization, etc.).

  1. Currently registered and enrolled in the Full-time or Evening & Weekend MBA program.
  2. In good academic standing with a GPA of 3.0 or better.
  3. Have passed Data and Decisions (MBA200S or EWMBA200S) with a B or better or have waived the course.
Certificate Requirements

Students are eligible to begin taking courses towards the certificate requirements in any semester they are eligible to take electives. For full-time MBA students, this is typically in the second semester of their first year. For EWMBA students, this is typically after the first year of core courses).

The certificate is comprised of 11 units of coursework:

  • One required synthesizing course: MBA200S/EWMBA200S (2 units). Students who waive Data & Decisions will substitute another two units of coursework from the approved list of primary and secondary courses.
  • One required course MBA200A/EWMBA296 Data Analytics (2 units).* Students who waive Data Analytics will substitute another two units of coursework from the approved list of primary and secondary courses.
  • Additional courses as needed to equal 11 total units as selected from two categories (primary and secondary courses). 
    • Students must take at least one primary course and at least one secondary course.
    • Students can take any combination of primary and secondary courses, as long as they complete one of each and 11 units of approved coursework.
    • Primary courses do not need to be taken in advance of secondary courses.
    • Primary and secondary course may be taken concurrently.
  • Students must receive a letter grade of B or better in ALL certificate courses in order to fulfill the certificate requirements.


*The course titled “Data Analytics” is required for FTMBA and EWMBA students who matriculated in Fall 2021 or after.


Certificate Forms

Full Time MBA Students

If you are Full Time MBA students, please use the following instructions to declare your intent to pursue the certificate:

*No other action is needed to declare your intent to pursue the certificate or to indicate that you have completed the certificate. We will be retiring the old Statement of Intent and Completion Google Forms and will rely solely on the APR to track certificate progress and validate certificates once requirements are met.

Evening Weekend MBA Students

If you are interested in pursuing the certificate, please complete the following statement of intent:

When you have completed the certificate requirements, please submit the certificate completion form, but no later than the deadlines indicated on the corresponding form for students:


Required Courses*

MBA Course NumberEWMBA Course NumberCourse NameUnit Value
MBA200SEWMBA200SData and Decisions2
MBA200AEWMBA296*Data Analytics2
200S Data and Decisions is considered both foundational and integrative to the Business Analytics curriculum. Students must achieve a B or better in Data and Decisions in order to establish eligibility for the Certificate in Business analytics. For students who have waived Data and Decisions, they must replace those two units with one or more additional Primary or Secondary courses.

* The course titled "Data Analytics" is required for students enrolled in or after FTMBA Class Year 2023 or EWMBA Class Year 2024. See note on Data Analytics waiver exam in the section on Certificate Requirements.

Primary Courses*

MBA Course NumberEWMBA Course NumberCourse NameUnit Value
MBA240EWMBA240Decision Models2
MBA257EWMBA257People Analytics2
MBA263EWMBA263Marketing Analytics3
*All courses are subject to change.
**Big Data, Better Decisions was retired as a primary course in 2021. EWMBA students should note that they will only receive certificate credit for one of EW217 (Big Data, Better Decisions) and EW296 (Data Analytics) if they took both courses.

Beyond the primary courses are a number of secondary, domain-specific courses. Each includes additional quantitative, analytics modules.  A student pursuing the Business Analytics program of study is expected to complete eleven total units as detailed in the Certificate Requirements above.

Secondary Courses*

MBA Course NumberEWMBA Course NumberCourse NameUnit Value
MBA212EWMBA212Energy & Environmental Markets 3
MBA222EWMBA222 Financial Information Analysis 3
MBA236GEWMBA236GDesigning Financial Models that Work** 1
MBA236HEWMBA236HFinancial Statement Modeling for Finance Careers**1
MBA237 Valuation Modeling **1
MBA247EWMBA247 Descriptive & Predictive Data Mining 2
MBA261EWMBA261 Marketing Research 3
MBA267EWMBA267The Business of AI1
MBA280EWMBA280 Real Estate Investment & Market Analysis 3
MBA290TEWMBA290TSQL Programming1
MBA291DEWMBA291DData Visualization2
MBA292NEWMBA292N Social Impact Metrics 2
MBA 292TEWMBA292TSustainable Portfolio Construction1
MBA296Applied Impact Evaluation 3
MBA296EWMBA296Data Science Applications for Finance and Accounting 2
MBA296Data Science & Data Strategy2
*All courses are subject to change.
**Of the following courses, you may only count one for Certificate credit: MBA236G, MBA236H, and MBA237 Valuation Modeling.